Dev-PHP IDE 3.0

Dev-PHP 3.0 is an editior for php scripts with integraed debugging functions
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Leonardo García

Dev-PHP is a free open source IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment) for PHP. It allows you to edit multiple PHP files at once. The editor of the program allows many basic text editing options such as find, replace, "Go to line" and bookmarking of different lines of the page. The syntax of the PHP code will be colorized in order to facilitate editing, writing and understanding of the code. An integrated class browser can allow you to navigate different functions, includes, variables and classes that your code contains. Dev-PHP offers the ability to integrate an external PHP executable in order to compile and debug your code. The program also support PHP GTK which help you writing desktop programs in the PHP scripting languages and allows you to debug and compile them as well.
The program has the ability to preview your code in an external browser and it has a built-in web browser and PHP documentation.
Dev-PHP 3.0 has many new features and features more rigidity than the previous version 2.x that had a lot of bugs and kept displaying runtime errors.
The program is multilingual and comes with 14 languages however you can add your own language file or edit any existing language through a built-in language editor.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Free to use and open source available


  • No auto-complete features
  • Doesn't automatically install PHP and apache
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